With the slogan „United against evictions and outrageous rents (#Mietenwahnsinn)“ demonstrations and actions are planned in these cities for the Europe-wide action day on April 6: Barcelona, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Freiburg, Jena, Leipzig, Lisbon, Munich, Paris, Potsdam, Stuttgart and more to follow …


Call for demonstration on 6 April 2019 in Berlin

The rental market madness is intensifying social injustice. People are still being forced into displacement and eviction by rent hikes. Local shops, small businesses and social centres are being forced out and neighbourhood communities are being destroyed. People are freezing to death on the streets while buildings stand empty.

However the past year, numerous demonstrations and direct actions against rising rents have generated momentum in the struggle for housing: In April 2018, 25,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against rent increases and displacement. Countless tenants have organised themselves in numerous communities, vacant spaces have been occupied, and evictions stopped. In a worldwide first, neighbourhood initiatives in Kreuzberg prevented the establishment of a Google Campus.

Empowered by these successes, we are again organizing a demonstration in Berlin against displacement and rental madness. There will also be similar demonstrations in many other cities on this day.

The market creates poverty – Housing is a human right

Social inequality in housing is not a law of nature. It is the result of the commercialisation of our basic rights. On 6 April 2019 we will join together against this injustice and pay a visit to the Berlin Real Estate Trade Fair to show the world that housing is not a commodity but a human right!

We stand opposed to a city of rising rents, in which a few people own that which everyone needs. With our many voices we stand united in solidarity with one another. We want a city:

  • that is not a business model but a living space for all, regardless of their origins, language, age or capabilities,
  • where houses are built for people to live in and not for profit,
  • where nobody is forced to live in camps, shelters or on the streets,
  • and where housing, land and nature belong to the commons.

We demand a radical policy change for housing and the expropriation of profit-oriented housing companies. We support solutions for housing that put common interests first.

We will resist!

Come to the DEMONSTRATION. Rally at noon on 6 April at Alexanderplatz, and from there we will march to the Berlin Real Estate Trade Fair / Berliner Immobilienmesse in the Arena Eichenstraße. Mobilize in your neighborhoods for the Berlin wide ACTION DAYS from March 27 – April  06 2019.

Together we can make a change.

This call is supported by 277 groups, housing communities, initiatives, associations, social institutions and many other organizations.

Enter your own group as the signer of the call