RESIST – Down with evictions and outlandish rental prices!

In Berlin people are forced out of their homes due to outlandish rent increases. Rental apartments are being transformed into condominiums. Neighborhoods are being destroyed, while community facilities and small businesses can’t find affordable space. Homelessness is increasing. Racism and discrimination makes finding an apartment even harder. There are hardly any more affordable apartments for rent even on the outskirts of Berlin.
74% of the people living in Germany see the risk of losing one’s home or getting into poverty due to rising housing costs.* Almost half of the people living for rent in Berlin fear that they can not afford their home anymore within the next two years.**

There is a method to this misery!

In this society, money is made on apartments and public facilities. People’s homes are bought and sold like any other product at the highest price for the highest profit. The percentage of monthly income needed to pay the rent keeps rising. People who need to rent an apartment are competing with each other to get a so-called “affordable” apartment or a rare place in public housing.
But decent housing is a basic need and a human right. And so the principle of “profit before people” must be abolished!

For a city of solidarity!

  • which is not a business model, but is decent housing for all, regardless of where they come from, their language, age, disabilities, or income
  • where homes are built to live in and not for profit
  • where people don’t have to live in emergency shelters or temporary accommodations
  • and where housing is a common good.

We demand a radical change in housing and rental policies!

We will resist!

We want to fight together for this city! Hand in hand – in solidarity, ehether or not we have already experienced these problems ourselves. More and more people are organizing in housing collectives, initiatives, going to court and taking part in demonstrations – often with success! Resistance pays off!

Come to the DEMONSTRATION at 2 p.m.on 14 April at Potsdamer Platz..
Mobilize in your neighborhoods for the Berlin wide ACTION DAYS from APRIL 4-14, 2018.

* Source: Caritas study, January 2018
**Forsa-Umfrage März 2017